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On the prime meridian, where East meets West, and realities overlap, men are inducted into the world of Enslaver.


Enslaver.uk is a private members-only club for straight and gay men who are interested in the dynamics of domination and control of other men. The content of the members-only section includes true accounts and essays on the subject of why some men must dominate and others choose to obey and submit, as well as a selection of full length eBook novels.

Additionally the site includes videos which role-play scenarios of capture and submission of men.

For serious readers there is a section of eBooks dealing with fictional and real-life encounters.

Absolutely NOT just another gay porn site. This is a members-only website.


Men can be strange creatures. Sometimes violent, certainly — but also odd.

With men, almost everything has a sexual element: ambition, exploration, aggression, control, self-image, the desire to be a leader, and the desire to be a follower.

A recent university study showed that many (straight) men join gyms and sports clubs primarily so they can show themselves off naked in the changing room in order to be admired by lesser men. Numerous other academic studies have shown that, in sport and in the military, the most effective male bonding takes place when men are naked. This is not surprising because clothes are intended to be a disguise; to mask inadequacies, to imply status and authority. The only way to get to the real man is to get him naked, shorn of false imagery. Government agencies all over the world adhere to this policy.

The principal of a famous English public school once remarked, "we haven't won a rugby match since we swapped the communal dorms for private bedrooms and en suit bathrooms."

This website takes a look at the dynamics of masculinity.



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October 2021


A message from The Enslaver.

This site is a private members club dealing with issues of male control of males: domination and submission. This is not necessarily an exclusively gay theme. Many straight men derive a frisson of excitement at the prospect of commanding men or being commanded by a man and being unable to resist. It is the element of control that engages sexual arousal, rather than a search for sexual arousal driving a need to experiment.


Membership is free in order that a degree of privacy and intimacy maybe maintained. There is no catch to joining and definitely no spam email or unwanted messaging. This is a club and so some participation from members is encouraged. If you would like to participate or submit material, I'd love to hear from you. When you apply please state whether you are a dom or a sub.



Welcome aboard.


The Enslaver